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An interior paint job is one of the most effective and easy ways to transform a space. So, whether you’re finally ready to revamp your home with dramatic color or give your office an upgrade with a simple monochromatic scheme, we’ve got the tools, manpower, and experience to make it happen.

            We’re known as the best painters Augusta Ga has for our effective approach to business that stems from our easygoing yet professional nature. From start to finish, we aim to educate and inform our clients, keeping them apprised of updates and changes at every interval. We allow our clients to be as involved in the process as they wish. Meaning, whether your style is hands-on and collaborative or hands-off and relaxed, our team is happy to accommodate your needs and preferences to ensure you have the best experience with our team possible.

The Process - Getting Started with our Commercial and House Painters Augusta GA

Pro Painters is proud to assist both commercial and residential clients with their interior paint jobs. Furthermore, the process of getting started looks largely the same, whether you’re a commercial or residential client. However, when it comes to our commercial clients, we do our best to schedule our sessions strategically, helping you stay up and running throughout the process.

We begin by offering a risk-free consultation, followed by an estimate of pricing. The estimate will reflect the size of the job, and the expected cost of labor and time. As a part of our full-service operation, we also have on-site color consulting and advising at your beck and call. Our contractors, especially those with experience and expertise in interior painting, know all the tips and tricks due to extensive color theory knowledge. We can make professional recommendations based on what your vision is, and what you intend for the room. Color is a great way to manipulate the appearance of your room and change its overall ambiance without having to make costly and invasive structural changes.  We like to educate our customers on tips and tricks of the trade like this, which is why we were voted the best house painters Augusta Ga has in 2022.

Once you’ve decided to move forward with our services, we implement extensive prep work to ensure your spaces are protected, and the only thing being painted are your walls. We remove or cover your furniture, prep your walls, and address any last-minute concerns before completing our traditional two-coat paint job. Should there be any concerns that arise during the process, we’ll alert you at once. Otherwise, our goal is to perform our work quickly yet flawlessly.

Swift Execution and Immaculate Results

We earned our reputation as the premier interior painters Augusta GA clients implicitly trust, thanks to our quick turnaround times and thoughtful approach. We recognize that we are guests in your home and office, which is why we treat them both with the utmost respect. Our contractors are expected to act with integrity and maintain professional decorum when working on your spaces. Following the successful completion of a job, you’ll find nothing has been disturbed or changed, other than the fresh new coats of paint on your walls.

As a part of our operation, we pair specific contractors with certain job sites based on their expertise and skillset. In doing so, we can guarantee that the right contractor is chosen for the job. Your Pro Painters interior specialist will have experience working on all types of rooms in the house including kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, and more. Our interior contractors are also trained to look for any potential issues or hazards that might prevent you from getting the full return on your investment.

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Oftentimes, these are issues that can be resolved with basic remedies especially if they are cosmetic in nature. However, should your designated Pro Painter in Augusta GA find anything indicative of a greater issue, we can offer further assistance in getting the right people involved.

Speaking of damages, our interior painters use technique and product that is designed to keep your walls healthy and functional throughout their lifetime. Our satisfaction guarantee is in place to verify that you get the most mileage out of your walls as possible. We never cut corners on an interior paint job, and are committed to giving you long-lasting, vibrant effects that will transform your spaces for the better.

Painters Augusta GA Residents Turn to for Professional Color Consultation

A lot of work goes into finding the right color, as color can objectively make or break the atmosphere of a room. Luckily, our contractors double as color specialists and have experience working with businesses and homeowners. Your contractor will walk you through your options, make recommendations, and encourage you to compare notes with coworkers or those you cohabitate with. Ultimately, the decision is yours and our responsibility is to provide exemplary results.

To learn more about our process including the materials we use, and a general timeline for projected completion, get started today with a call to our office at (706) 891-3499.