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To a painting novice, executing an exterior paint job might seem as easy as finding the preferred color and smattering it on. In actuality, there’s a lot of prep work that goes into making the magic happen, and that’s why it bodes well to have a professional at the helm. Pro Painters Augusta has an entire roster of contractors who specialize solely in exterior paint jobs. They understand both the tenants of color theory and how to properly execute a paint job for the sake of longevity and preservation.

            To fully understand the nuances of exterior paintwork, contractors must first understand paint as a protective tool. While Augusta’s climate certainly pales in comparison to other harsher environments across the world, it still succumbs to the natural wear and tear and erosion that comes with exterior surfaces. Our local contractors make the ideal choice for a painter in Augusta because they understand how to properly prep and prime your home and/or business’s facades for natural disturbances.

Our exterior paint crew is available for free consultations and walk-throughs so that Augusta businesses and homeowners can get a good idea of pricing before taking the plunge to utilize services. Our exterior contractors will be able to fully break down and explain the process, in turn providing you with insight into how paint functions both visually and protectively.

            Finally comes the color consultation where you’ll learn that not all colors are created equally, especially when it comes to the exterior. Generally, exterior paint jobs can be a bit more challenging to execute, which is why it’s important to settle on a color that gives you the best possible return on your investment, should you ever sell. Our experts have a lot of knowledge about color theory and can give you direct and honest advice when picking a color for your home or business.

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For many property owners, the temptation to change exterior paint usually comes secondary to interior projects. Nevertheless, if you’re considering an exterior paint job, there are a lot of compelling reasons to go along with the project. Any one of our exterior Pro Painters Augusta GA crew members will be able to further explain the benefits of such work. However, here are some of the basic advantages that accompany exterior work:

Curb Appeal: The term curb appeal is often used by real estate agents, developers, and those in the home improvement industry. Essentially, it refers to the outward appearance of your home and/or business. For homeowners, curb appeal can increase the overall value of your home, which is important to consider should you ever think about selling your property. Curb appeal is also vitally important for businesses to consider, as many customers will judge your business long before they ever enter its doors. Having a well-maintained and manicured outside appearance, might just make the difference between securing a customer. Nothing articulates pride in your home’s appearance, quite like a fresh paint job. We’re the exterior painters Augusta GA property owners can trust for impeccable results.

Increased Value: It largely goes hand in hand with curb appeal, but your investment in an exterior paint job today, might mean big returns down the line. Simply put, some colors are more profitable and palatable than others. It’s especially important to understand the message your property conveys as a business owner. Our exterior contractors are trained color consultants, who can guide you toward the most advantageous choice for your building, from a monetary gain standpoint.

Damage Prevention: It’s not unusual for home and business owners to often overlook exterior damages in exchange for interior ones. Many property owners already anticipate small exterior damages here and there, due to the nature of outdoor walls and their natural predisposition to erosion and wear and tear. Nevertheless, investment in the right kind of paint can do wonders for your home both functionally and visually. Paint often acts as a natural barrier between your walls and outdoor threats like mold and mildew. Additionally, paint helps protect the materials it covers such as shingles, siding, and wood. Your Pro Painter in Augusta GA is trained to execute a paint job that will endure and protect, all year round.

What to Expect from our Exterior Painters Augusta GA Team

The process of getting started with your exterior paint job is nearly identical to that of your interior. Once underway the actual processes will deviate from one another, however, we begin your exterior job by offering free estimates provided after a thorough consultation, followed by session scheduling to ensure your business and home are back up and operational in no time.

            Our exterior paint process utilizes tried and tested methodology including our traditional two-coat approach, and our usage of pressure washing and caulking to patch up any potential problem spots in your exterior. Getting started is as easy as placing a call to our office at (706) 891-3499. where we can further describe your options and the nature of the work.