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Introducing Pro Painters Augusta Ga

When it comes to hiring the painters Augusta GA loves, you won’t regret opting for our services. Our highly certified team members come equipped with refined industry insight and are here to ensure that you receive nothing short of the golden standard. As a locally owned and operated business, we understand the importance of upholding exceptional customer service and infusing authentic southern hospitality into every job site. After years of successful operation, we’ve never lost sight of who keeps us in business.  At Pro Painters, we’ll work with and for you, to bring you the results you deserve, and love.

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Revered for our affordability, expeditiousness, and distinct knack for artistry, we at Pro Painters are known for bringing our client’s unique visions to life. For years, our talented crew has helped transform and enhance residential and commercial properties. Moreover, as a full-service provider, we specialize in all categories of paintwork including exterior, interior, and article painting. From beginning to end, our crew is at your disposal, keeping you informed and apprised every step of the way. These are the types of qualities that allow us to confidently claim ourselves as the best painter in Augusta Ga.  From beginning to end, our goal is to provide you with the support and knowledge necessary to make important decisions regarding your property. We treat each customer with the same level of respect, regardless of the size and scope of the job.

Get your gutters and windows washed for free with an exterior paint job!

Interior Painters

Professional and clean interior painting services.

Exterior Painters

Professional and clean exterior painting services.

Article Painters

Fence & Deck, Concrete, other odd items painted.
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Why We're The Pros

This team of professional painters has you in the forefront of our thought process.  Taking pride in the fact that we can take on any Augusta, Ga painting project from commercial to residential and all areas in-between is what make us who we are.  Get to know us directly by calling in or inquiring on our page for a free quote.  We would love to hear from you!

Experience and achievements are what separate us from the other painters Augusta Ga has.  We have worked in this field for several decades while painting some of the most high tiered painting jobs Augusta offers.  Currently we are the Masters favored painting contractors.  Having done painting projects for them numerous times, we understand what goes into quality painting.  Don’t just take our word for it, schedule a free appointment with one of our professionals to see how we can best help you!

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How We Became the House Painters Augusta GA Residents Know and Trust


Customized Care

Each member of our team is talented and thoroughly trained; however, we’re proud to have curated a team of experts who specialize in specific areas of the painting. Prior to assigning a contractor to your project, we analyze the project, your needs, and your overall vision, to help advantageously pair you with the right individuals. We go the extra mile to ensure you receive the perfect combination of painters in Augusta GA to execute your job.


Up-to-date Credentials

At Pro Painters, safety is always our top priority. We are dedicated to upholding a safe environment that protects both our contractors and clients. Long before they ever enter your property, our contractors will have secured the proper licensing and insurance. Our records and documentation are always available for you to view and verify, in an attempt to build and maintain trust. Pro Painters offers more than just immaculate paint services, we offer peace of mind.


Professional Appearance & Demeanor

Our goal is to employ individuals who are approachable and affable while still maintaining a professional appearance and disposition. As visitors to your home and business, we conduct ourselves with behavior that is becoming of professionals and designed to alleviate any doubts. Our team members present themselves with a clean and proper hygienic disposition, designed to uphold the integrity of your space.



A lot of people are tempted to attempt paintwork without a professional contractor. While it’s doing it yourself is always a viable option, having the help of a professional, like one on our team, can make a world of difference. Our painters in Augusta GA are well-versed in color theory and have a refined understanding of how color can manipulate spaces. We also have access to top-tier paint and equipment, to give your spaces the most vivid appearance possible.

In addition to all of the aforementioned attributes, our team of contractors is comprised of hard-working, punctual, practiced, and intelligent individuals. They understand the crucial differences that must occur when painting different kinds of surfaces and spaces. Our team will work diligently until the job meets your standards and specifications. We work collaboratively with you to find solutions, actualize ideas, and create spectacular results.


5-Star Painters Augusta Ga

Below is a direct link to our Google profile.  Don’t just take out word for it, check us out yourself and see how our reputation shines and our services satisfy!

My interior needed painting but I knew I couldn't do it myself with work and family life but I also didn't want just anybody inside my home. After speaking with Bobby, I knew I could trust him to come in and take care of us in more ways than just the paint job.
Xavier Clark
5 stars, 6 if I could! Two thumbs up, both hands in the air, all of the above! It is almost pleasurable to work with them, they make the work seem so easy and are always on a positive vibe while they work on my project.
Sawanda Hughes
What really made the difference for me was that they knew exactly what they were talking about and didn't mind explaining it to me as the project progressed. I didn't understand everything he was saying and that was no problem for him to explain it to me before, during, and after!
Rodney Byrd

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Outstanding employees are the backbone of every business, and we go through an extensive vetting process with our contractors to ensure they meet our high standards of employment. Your home is your sanctuary, and as interior painters, we’re often invited into your most sensitive spaces. As a result, we train our contractors to maintain an approachable yet professional demeanor at all times. As guests in your home and/or your place of business, we commit to always acting with integrity and discretion. We’re known for going the extra mile and setting the precedent for all of our competitors. Here are a few of the features of our contractors that set them apart from our competition.

Versatile Interior, Article, and Exterior Painters Augusta GA

Pro Painters is a full-service provider helping with multiple types of paintwork projects. We work with both residential and commercial Augusta customers on projects of all sizes and scopes. Our team is comprised of contractors who specialize in our various areas of expertise, ensuring that you receive the best match to execute your specific project. We begin by offering a risk-free consultation that includes a thorough walk-through of the job site. In doing so, we can determine pricing, timing, and other important estimates that help give you an idea of what to expect during the process. 

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We believe our customers have the right to be fully informed of what they can realistically expect, and we accomplish that by offering continuous and clear communication. We provide a myriad of services that fall under three main categories. Below are basic descriptions of what our services entail. You can find more information on these services located on their respective service pages OR we encourage you to call us any time during business hours to discuss your prospective job. After all, the more details you can provide about your specific project, the better we can assist you.

Our Past Work


Interior Services

If you’re looking for a skilled interior painter in Augusta GA, we’ve got the crew to help you execute even the most challenging of jobs. With experience working in all types of rooms, we know how to use color to revitalize and transform spaces. Whether you’re interested in creating a blank slate with neutral colors or fancy yourself accent walls and rooms with brilliant hues, we can lead you to the best possible outcomes. Not only do we invest in high-quality paints known to maintain their hue, but we also choose paint products that are known to protect your walls and keep them from retaining premature signs of wear and tear. Our interior paintwork, like all our services, is suitable for both residential and commercial clients. So, whether you’re in the business of overhauling your entire property, or simply want to infuse some color into your home, our contractors are the missing link to bring you the best our industry has to offer.


Exterior Services

There’s a lot that goes into an exterior paint job, beyond just choosing the right color. Knowing how to properly paint an exterior property is often the defining, factor in determining how your paint holds up over time. Here in Augusta, we are fortunate to live with relatively mild weather conditions year-round. Nevertheless, having a team who knows how to get the most out of your investment is pertinent to extending the longevity of your paint. Our exterior painters Augusta GA located team can help you reap the following benefits by opting for one of our professional exterior paint jobs:

Increasing curb appeal. A simple paint job is a quick and effective way to boost curb appeal.  It’s one of the most cost-effective upgrades homeowners can invest in. 

Damage Protection: A fresh coat of exterior paint has a surprising number of payoffs, including reinforcing your exterior façade.


Article Painting

Our clients often find themselves in need of article paintwork. After all, it is not uncommon for basic household structures like fences, decks, and patios to succumb to wear and tear over time.  As a full-service provider, we take care of those odds and ends, giving you the freedom of time as we take care of the tedious work for you. From intricate and concentrated, to widescale and involved. Our Pro Painters are here to provide you with a premier experience from start to finish.  Our contractors are trained in the art of all painting, more specifically, how to implement proper materials and techniques that are complementary to the natural environment of Georgia. To learn more about how our painting techniques and materials combat damage and keep your property protected, click on our service pages by clicking the button below.

Why Choose Our House Painters Augusta GA Crew

The Augusta area is home to a selection of quality painters. Nevertheless, we still believe that our team of hardworking, educated, and creative contractors cannot be rivaled. At Pro Painters, your satisfaction is our top priority, and we’re constantly looking for ways to improve our service in an ongoing attempt to bring you a seamless experience. Still not fully convinced? Here are some of the many reasons why we believe you should choose Pro Painters for your next project.


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Affordability: Our pricing structure has been carefully calculated to reflect the quality of our services, while still aiming to maintain competitive pricing. Opting to use a quality painting service shouldn’t cost you exorbitant amounts of money. At the same time, our prices reflect the time, attention to detail, and thoroughness that accompany all of our contractors. We’re the painters Augusta GA locals can rely on for risk-free estimates and consultations that give them full control over their finances. Simply put, painting is one of the most affordable ways to upgrade your home’s spaces and can be executed affordably. We’re proud to be known for our flexibility when working will all kinds of budgets.

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Signing up for our free color consultation allows us to get to know you and you to get to know us so that we can do a better job with more understanding of what you want and you can see why all of Augusta trusts us so much.  Schedule your appointment today!

The Best Painter Augusta Ga offer

Safety: At Pro Painters, we recognize that your home is your safe space, and should be treated with reverence and respect. The same goes for the commercial properties that we service. As guests in your home, it is our responsibility to act with integrity at all times. In order to establish peace of mind, we’ve gone the extra mile to vet all of our employees carefully. When working with a Pro Painter contractor you can rest comfortably knowing:

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  • They’ve been background checked and thoroughly vetted. Every contractor has been inspected prior to stepping foot on a job site.
  • They’re up to date and current with all of their certifications, licensing, and insurance.
  • They follow a strict protocol to ensure the safety of you and your home (or business)
  • They’re available for questions at ANY time and will give you the details and information needed to make smart and informed decisions about your property.

Our Pro Qualities

Experience & Expertise: When it comes to experienced house painters Augusta GA residents know Pro Painters are the right choice for the job. All of our contractors have prior experience in their specialized field of discipline, meaning whether your intended job is interior or exterior based, we go the extra mile to ensure your contractor has the necessary experience to yield immaculate results. Our exterior painting contractors are also well-versed on the climate in Augusta, Georgia. As a result, they can make informed recommendations that give your paint the best chance at longevity and endurance. Despite considering ourselves masters of the craft, we recognize that even experts are lifelong learners. Therefore, we are constantly learning new ways to bring you the absolute best results possible. As trailblazers in the industry, clients can expect nothing less short of extraordinary.

Quality Products and Materials: The Pro Painters winning hand is comprised of two parts, our team of exceptionally talented contractors and our utilization of top-pedigree materials and equipment. Put simply, we invest our profits back into our business to bring you extraordinary results time and again. We never cut corners when it comes to the materials and products we use, ensuring you receive the very best and nothing less. Any one of our knowledgeable team members can walk you through your options, recommending the top choices based on your project.

Full-Service- Residential and Commercial: As a proud full-service provider, Pro Painters services for interior, exterior, and article work. Rather than go through the trouble of having to find a specific company for each task, we’ve built a team that handles all aspects of paintwork. This includes providing all of our services for both residential and commercial customers. We’re the painters in Augusta GA who offer full spectrum services, guaranteed to adhere to your specifications and unique visions.

Getting Started with our Interior, Article, and Exterior Painters Augusta GA

Here on our website, you can learn more about our business practices and services. However, we’re always available to speak with you further, risk-free. We encourage all prospective customers to send us an inquiry or call us during our business hours for additional information. The more details we have regarding your specific project, the better equipped we are to answer your questions. Not sure where to start? Not a problem. We’ll help guide you through the process, throughout its entire duration.

Pro Painters Augusta can be reached during our business hours, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Give us a call at (706) 891-3499, and we’ll either take your call immediately or promptly return your message at our earliest convenience. We look forward to serving you!

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